Anarchy LARP: Historical Live Action Roleplaying In the War of Stephen and Matilda

I neither can, nor may I tell all the wounds and all the pains which they inflicted on wretched men in this land. This lasted the nineteen winters while Stephen was king; and it grew continually worse and worse. They constantly laid guilds on the towns, and called it "tenserie"; and when the wretched men had no more to give, then they plundered and burned all the towns; that well thou mightest go a whole day's journey and never shouldest thou find a man sitting in a town, nor the land tilled. Then was corn dear, and flesh, and cheese, and butter; for none was there in the land. Wretched men starved of hunger. Some had recourse to alms, who were for a while rich men, and some fled out of the land. Never yet was there more wretchedness in the land; nor ever did heathen men worse than they did: for, after a time, they spared neither church nor churchyard, but took all the goods that were therein, and then burned the church and all together. Neither did they spare a bishop's land, or an abbot's, or a priest's, but plundered both monks and clerks; and every man robbed another who could. If two men, or three, came riding to a town, all the township fled for them, concluding them to be robbers. The bishops and learned men cursed them continually, but the effect thereof was nothing to them; for they were all accursed, and forsworn, and abandoned. To till the ground was to plough the sea: the earth bare no corn, for the land was all laid waste by such deeds; and they said openly, that Christ slept, and his saints. Such things, and more than we can say, suffered we nineteen winters for our sins.

- The Anglo Saxon Chronicle, 1138

Welcome: This an Anarchy LRP - historical roleplay in the time of war between Stephen and Matilda: 1135-1153AD. It is a time of intrigue, war, murder, robbery and of course, Anarchy! The first event will be in Q4 2017.

You find us offering an early draft of what will eventually be here. Much of the material on this site may be revised extensively before an actual game happens; for the time being, check out the below articles to see what we currently have rolled out, and join our Facebook group if you'd like updates or if you want to get in contact. If you want to email us, we are reachable at moc.oohay|prlyhcrana#moc.oohay|prlyhcrana

The Rules
- Character Generation
- Advantages and Disadvantages
- Counties and Towns of England and Normandy
- Combat and Recovery
- Downtime

Equality, Diversity and Gender
- Sensitive Themes

Recent History

Women In the Middle Ages

The Seigneurial Class
- The Great Lords and Ladies of England
- Feudalism
- Types of Landholding
- Inheritance
- Knights and Knighthood
- Women Owning Land
- Types of Peasant
- The Manorial Offices and Court

The Church
- Basic Doctrine
- Monasticism
- Monastic Orders With Houses In England
- Excommunication and Interdiction
- Recent Papal Politics
- Heresies and Historical Heresies
- Dioceses of England and Normandy
- Things That Don't Exist Yet
- Ecclesiastical Courts

The Wider World and Foriegn States

Judaism In England


Example Characters

Bibliography and Inspirations

Player Events

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